The Project

Interactive maps were created for a few history books as a way to provide an interactive experience for a user to explore the figures in their books. Many of W. W. Norton’s books come with free access to online resources to expand on the educational material. The first version of these maps were created in flash and used across 5 sites.

The second version of these maps were created for a 3 book run that released in 2014. This upgrade was done to upgrade the maps to HTML5 for mobile usage as well as make the content ADA Compliant. Accessibility is important but also required by law for products being used in schools.

My Role

This tool was built with Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 and uses javascript to control the figures. I created wireframes and the prototype before handing it off to an outside developer and cartographers to produce around 350 imaps for several history textbooks.

Use Cases

These maps were initially used in Western Civilizations 18e, Give me Liberty, and Worlds Together Worlds Apart. The maps were accessed through each books individual Studyspace (the student ancillary content) as well as through Coursepacks which are ingested into a schools learning management software such as blackboard.


  • Photoshop & Illustrator for wireframes
  • Yeoman
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  • Illustrator for EPS and SVG work