W. W. Norton Site Improvements

W. W. Norton's Home Page

Updated the W. W. Norton home page in 2012 to improve the site aesthetic. The site had been using a 3 column format that was forcing a lot of important information further down the page. Reformatting the content allowed us to display more books on the page as well as include more up to date information.

Replaced the static featured image at the top with a slider that displays a number of important and featured books.

Alternate site versions shown. The following design used a wider featured image area. Stakeholders decided to move away from this design to keep the subject menu high on the page. Additionally, using the cover image as part of the background would require more design time for the marketing department so we went with a solid color background.

Book Web Ads

Improvements to book advertising pages. Reduced clutter while keeping all important information on the page. These pages are used by sales reps to show the features of our books and textbooks.

The previous verison of this page was a lot more cluttered and relied on several pages to get the books information online. After meeting with the stakeholders we came up with a plan to reorganize the content. Some content was moved out of the main container into the sidebar while other content was moved into the new tabs. The right column was redefined to become a way for users to browse books within the subject or perhaps stumble upon a new item!

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