I host a podcast with Evan Forde Barden (Magnet Theater, One Hundred Dates) show about people’s favorite songs. Each month, we invite a special guest to share one song that they love – be it an all-time favorite, a track that reminds them of a great story, or something that just blew their minds. At our live shows, a musician takes the stage to cover it and play a song of their own.


Ep. 38 - Sarah Pappalardo – “Cruel”


The hilarious and sharp-witted Sarah Pappalardo (co-founder, co-editor of Reductress) joins us on this LIVE episode of the show to talk about St. Vincent’s song “Cruel.” If you’re not familiar with Sarah or Reductress, she’s basically in charge of the funniest website on the internet, or as they like to say, “the first and only satirical women’s magazine.” Since 2013, they’be been bringing the fire and making everyone laugh while doing it. We talk about how Sarah got into both comedy and music, what life was like for her as a Chicago-to-NYC transplant, and we hear an incredible story about her falling into a canal. We also fawn over how much Annie Clark rules and hear about some of Sarah ambitions for Reductress now that they’ve conquered the internet.


Ep. 28 - Maris Kreizman & Parrot Dream – “Joey”


Maris Kreizman (Slaughterhouse 90210) brought her favorite sad song with her: Concrete Blonde – Joey.

Joey has been one of Maris’ favorites for years, and even sang it from a porch for the world to hear! We talk about how Maris found herself connecting to sad songs about complicated relationships and thinking she related to them on some level. We talk about aspirational sadness and the cathartic power that sad music has.

The conversation continues to books, learning experiences through fiction, and songs especially when you’re singing along to a song before you even know what you’re singing about. We’re suspicious of people that don’t engage with art and talk about Dan Brown, the Eagles of commercial thrillers.

Spoiler — Evan is not Rhianna, but Evan sings Rhianna!

Maris reads a lot of books and highly recommends — Lorrie Moore Anagrams, Self Help, Birds of America, Bark. Evans “Just buy it!” recommendation is Ted Chiang – Story of Your Life


Christian Finnegan, Connor Ratliff, & Mikey Erg – “All Grown Up”


Christian Finnegan (Are We There Yet?, Chapelle’s Show, Best Week Ever) joins us for a special holiday-esque episode of Repeater! Musical guests Connor Ratliff and Mikey Erg cover Elvis Costello’s “All Grown Up” and play some secular holiday tunes.

It just so happens that all three of our guests are HUGE Elvis Costello fans! Christian includes Elvis Costello in his 50 Plus artists (artists that he loves at least 50 of their songs) and considers this to be one of ‘his’ songs.

We talk about Elvis Costello, high school hair metal bands, where creativity comes from, and Kid Rock.


Lauren Denitzio - Worriers


Jo Firestone


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